Business Sprinter: 20 Quick Start Ideas


Some business ideas can be opened without any extra effort, and you can start earning almost immediately. This collection is about what kind of business you can start with minimal investment and do it quickly.

Opening a business from scratch quickly and cheaply is the dream of any aspiring entrepreneur. And it’s possible. Such a business is usually built on one type of equipment, online services, freelancing or creative activities. Some ideas will bring additional income, while others will help you open a full-fledged business with a serious profit. To open your own business, you need to analyze and calculate everything. 

Memo of 7 rules for a novice entrepreneur:

  • Assess your resources: start-up capital, competencies, experience;
  • Open a business in the area in which you understand;
  • Carefully study the business scheme before implementing it;
  • Evaluate the prospects of a business idea: relevance, level of demand, development opportunities and profitability growth;
  • Make a business plan, define an action plan;
  • Assess the risks: what difficulties you may encounter and how they can be avoided;
  • Think of a retreat plan – in case the business does not bring the expected results.

There are many ways to start a business from scratch. You just need to find your option. How to evaluate the speed of business implementation? Pay attention to certain criteria. Quick start involves:

  • Small initial investment , ie. you will be able to quickly accumulate the necessary amount and, without attracting credit funds, implement the project;
  • A simple activity that does not require serious skills. Of course, there is a business that is completely tied to the skills and competence of an entrepreneur, but here we are talking about special education, licensing, long-term training, etc. And everything that can be mastered in the shortest possible time, without documenting your skills, can be attributed to a simple activity;
  • Minimum equipment , use of simple technologies;
  • A simple business scheme with several steps. For example: you bought equipment and raw materials, found a place – you earn. Or made a profitable offer, placed an ad – received an order. Such ideas do not need long preparation, which allows you to start in the shortest possible time.
  • Ideas that can be implemented alone , because the search for employees is always money and time, sometimes quite a long time.
  • Demanded products and services, proven business models. This allows you to act according to the standard scheme, without wasting time on mastering a new niche and a large-scale advertising campaign. Those. you come to the market where consumer demand is already formed. 

And now let’s look at 20 examples of a business that can be opened in the shortest possible time.  

1. Atelier at home

Atelier can be easily organized at home. To start, it is enough to have a sewing machine, work skills and a couple of thousand to buy all the materials. You can search for clients via the Internet – by placing ads on social networks and ads on sites like “Avito”. You can distribute print ads to people in the area where you live. You can engage in fitting clothes, hemming curtains, as well as sewing bow ties or custom-made clothes. Before the New Year holidays, the service of tailoring carnival costumes is in demand. The amount of profit will depend on the structure and number of orders. But, as practice shows, even in the home format, you can earn 30-40 thousand rubles a month. 

2. Technical support service, provision of consulting services

If you are good with computers, you can open a technical support service and a repair service. All you need for work is a mobile phone. The essence of the business is to conduct paid consultations by phone or Skype, to solve technical issues remotely using programs like TeamViewer. Such a scheme can be implemented not only in the computer question. It is easily adapted to other areas: it is used by psychologists, lawyers, business consultants and other professionals who can provide online advice. The business does not require any financial investments. Here your own baggage of knowledge and experience is important. You can search for clients by creating your own website, blog, or using ads. 

3. Copywriting agency

Copywriting today is a demanded service for business. High-quality text is necessary to place the company’s history on the site, use it in advertising goods and services, arrange a catalog in online stores, for SEO promotion, and so on. For all this, they turn to copywriters. You can start on your own, and over time expand your business by bringing together different authors under your leadership. To start, it is enough to have the appropriate skills, place an ad about services on as many sites as possible, or respond to an order published on freelance sites yourself. 

4. Copy center

Organizing such a business is not difficult: buy 2-3 copiers, rent a point in a crowded place – and you can earn. Copy centers are relevant near universities, medical institutions, multifunctional centers. There are no special requirements for the retail space – a minimum of space and investment is required.In the future, this mini-business can be developed into a more serious one. From successful copy centers grow studios that provide large-format, souvenir and other printing services. In this situation, it will be possible to count on corporate clients, printing of advertising and souvenir products. And this is a different scale and profit.  .

5. Cleaning

In recent years, cleaning has become a popular service. It is used by both individuals and companies. There are various areas: house cleaning, general cleaning after renovation, eco-cleaning, etc. To get started, just stock up on cleaning and cleaning supplies. A lot of funds for this at the start will not be required. It will be a plus if you have your own transport – it will be easier to travel on orders. 

You can search for customers by placing ads: on websites, in the elevator of multi-storey buildings, as well as by distributing print advertising. You can run the business on your own or invest more money, but gather your staff of cleaners and do the management yourself. 

6. Advertising on vehicles

All you need to do this is to advertise on your car. And the most difficult thing here is to find customers. You can contact advertising agencies that organize advertising on cars. Or go the easy way – place an ad on Avito. You can also look at Wrapify, Carvertise, and similar sites.

The amount of income will depend on which car the advertisement is placed on. The larger the advertising space, the higher the income. On a truck, for example, you can place a large banner on the sides of the body. Thanks to one such advertisement, you can earn up to 10 thousand rubles a month. Lightbox, which is placed on the roof of the car, will bring the owner 3-6 thousand rubles. The amounts are small, but the idea of ​​passive income is good. Just keep in mind that when placing ads on your car, you must coordinate your actions with the traffic police. 

Having studied all the nuances of this area, you can organize your advertising business. The idea involves a comprehensive service: clients who want to place their advertisements on cars contact you, and you select a car, create an advertising banner, and carry out full-size printing. There is a demand for such services, but there are almost no firms working in a narrow specialization. Start by advertising on your car. Use the proceeds to purchase printing equipment. Study the business from the inside, gain experience – and then you can easily develop your business. 

7. Delivery of lunches to the office

The idea will be in demand in big cities where the pace of life is very high. For many office workers, the problem of nutrition is relevant. During a work break, people eat what they brought from home, or snack on fast food, food from the store, in canteens. But many will certainly appreciate it if fresh homemade meals are brought directly to the office.

You can organize such a business in the shortest possible time: develop a menu, calculate the cost of dishes, form a price list, purchase products and prepare a small batch of office lunches. Delicious meals will be the best advertisement. Walk around different offices, let customers try the products. If you like the dinners, the first customers will appear very quickly. 

A huge plus if the entrepreneur will do everything on his own. Then you can save a lot. In order to carry out the delivery promptly, it is desirable to have personal transport. Over time, when you manage to build a client base, you can hire staff and expand the business. Read more about how to open office lunch delivery here .

8. Tutoring services

Today, the educational business is in demand and is presented in a variety of formats. One of the most common and easy to organize is tutoring. This activity is usually associated with preparing for the exam, but the lessons of music and drawing, acting and vocals are also, in fact, tutoring. You can organize programming courses for the little ones, various creative circles, English courses, etc. Determine what skill you have and what you can teach, in what area you can become an expert, what experience you are ready to share. By answering these questions for yourself, you can choose a direction. 

Tutoring can bring good money. Based on the cost of one lesson of 300-600 rubles, with partial workload, you can get up to 40 thousand rubles a month, working online via Skype, Zoom and similar services. Such a business does not require special costs. It is enough to place an offer of your services on the classifieds site. Also, the first customers can be searched through friends. 

The business has development prospects. By expanding the client base, you can start looking for additional employees, and eventually establish a tutoring center. By bringing together teachers from different areas under your supervision, you can open a business with a monthly income of more than 100 thousand rubles.

9. Minting coins

Many are skeptical about this idea and do not see it as a business. But in practice it has been proven that one simple attraction for minting coins can bring up to 100 thousand rubles a month. Such a high profitability is due to the fact that the preparation of a coin costs 10 rubles, and the price of a souvenir coin is 200-300 rubles. 

You can recoup the initial investment in a couple of months. And the organizational process is quite simple: you need to purchase the necessary equipment for minting, consumables and rent a profitable place. All issues can be resolved as soon as possible. 

This business allows you to work in different directions and with different clients. You can sit on the street, in tourist places – and mint souvenir coins. You can also cooperate with advertising agencies and produce coins with advertising. Another option is to make souvenir coins dedicated to a memorable event (anniversaries, weddings, etc.).

10. Production of seals and stamps

Stamp making is a simple but profitable business. You can organize it in the shortest possible time and at home. Start-up entrepreneurs who register their business will become your clients. You can also consider scrapbooking masters as clients – various stamps are often used in their work. And if you offer to make prints to order, you will surely find customers. 

To start, you need a minimum capital, a printer and a computer, special equipment (depending on the technology, this can be a flash installation, an exposure camera or a laser engraver), as well as consumables. If you already have a computer, then the project budget will be about 60 thousand rubles. And for a month of sales of seals and stamps, you will receive an average profit of 50-100 thousand rubles. 

11. Husband for an hour

Home repair services is a business that brings in a small but steady income. Opening your “husband for an hour” service is quite simple both from a financial and organizational point of view. Anyone can start such a business. The main thing is to be a jack of all trades, since the list of services of such a service is diverse: from plumbing work to the repair of household appliances. Another important skill is planning. If you work alone, you will have to think over the order fulfillment scheme. To start a business, it is enough to have a toolbox and place ads. Due to the demand for the service among different categories of the population, you can quickly build up a client base and reach a monthly income of more than 40-50 thousand rubles. 

12. Sale of sweets 

Another profitable direction with a quick start is the sale of various delicacies that can be easily prepared. To open, you usually need one machine, a small counter and a favorable location. We have combined several ideas into one paragraph.

  • Sale of cotton candy. One of the most common and simple ideas. Anyone can implement it. It will take 40 thousand rubles, which will be spent on the purchase of an apparatus for the production of cotton candy and a counter. You can recoup the initial investment in a couple of months of work, and in the future create a small network of similar points . 
  • Popcorn. This type of sweet is in demand among children and adults, so you can quickly recoup your initial investment. They amount to only 40 thousand rubles and are needed to purchase a popcorn maker, a counter and consumables. 
  • Fruits in caramel. The dessert is fresh fruit on a wooden stick topped with sweet caramel icing. The low price will make it possible to successfully implement the project even in a small town. To organize such a business, you will need the simplest set of equipment: a caramelizer and a device for putting apples on a stick. Investments will amount to about 70 thousand rubles. 

Other ideas can be attributed to the same group: the sale of ice cream , boiled corn, milkshakes, etc.

13. City tours

The service is quite new, but in demand. The tourism business is developing, and the demand for guides and interesting excursions is increasing. The idea of ​​the business is to conduct individual tours of the city. It is advisable to develop author’s routes, offering clients an unusual format for excursions. For example, you can turn a walk around the city into an exciting quest or suggest a route by car (then you will need personal transport). Also, thanks to a private car, you can not be limited to one city, but arrange excursions to neighboring cities. 

The main thing in this business is the oratorical and creative abilities of the entrepreneur himself. Knowledge of history, painting, architecture, geography, and sometimes foreign languages ​​will be useful. To implement the idea, you will need to develop interesting excursion routes and register on specialized sites in order to leave your ad. You can also promote through social networks or by collaborating with local travel agencies. 

14. Organization of moving “turnkey”

If you have a truck, then you can easily open your own transportation business. Turnkey moving is a service that involves the performance of all work on the transportation of things from one dwelling to another. The list includes dismantling furniture, packing cargo, loading, transporting and unloading, lifting to the floor, collecting furniture in a new place, and even removing garbage that was generated during work. For most people, moving is a chore, so they will be happy to use the service of your company. 

To organize such a business, you will need a truck and a partner. The service involves working with cargo – and you cannot do it alone. Clients can be found via the Internet, distributing leaflets in the boxes of apartment buildings, renting advertising space in elevators, placing ads on a stand at the entrances. You can also advertise on your car. You can earn about 200 thousand rubles on this. However, you can open such a business even without your own transport and full-time movers, acting as an intermediary. 

15. Vending

Vending is a suitable option for those who want to get maximum profit with minimum effort. Organizing such a business is simple and fast, the starting capital is only 100 thousand rubles. With this money you buy a vending machine for a certain product, rent 2-3 sq.m. in a crowded place – and start earning. 

The most popular options are vending machines for coffee and snacks. But the level of competition here is quite high. You can choose no less profitable ideas. Today, vending machines allow you to sell a huge number of different goods and even services. A vending machine for printing photos from a social network, a vending machine for selling jewelry, accessories for smartphones, lenses … – the list is quite large. And the essence is the same – the possibility of a quick start and minimal participation in the business. It will be enough for you to come 2-3 times a week to load goods or consumables into the machine and collect the proceeds. 

16. Making keys

A key making workshop is a low-cost and fairly simple business, especially for those who already have experience as a key maker. It is better to open a workshop in residential areas – especially in new microdistricts. It is advisable to choose a location next to food and hardware stores, as well as markets. The profitability of the business depends on the location. If you manage to find a profitable place, then customers will find you themselves. More information about opening a key can be found here , and such a business can also be launched today in the vending format .

17. Delivery of balloons

Balloons are a sought-after product that is used as a decoration or addition to a gift. Therefore, it will not be difficult to find a client. You can set up a business very quickly. It is enough to buy balloons, a helium balloon – and place ads. If you want your investment to pay off in the shortest possible time, plan to open a month before a major holiday. Balloon sales peak on February 14, March 8 and graduation time. 

Personal transport in this business is a big plus. Firstly, you do not have to spend money on renting a retail outlet. Secondly, you can earn extra on the delivery service. You can also do aero design, which will bring additional income. 

18. Attractions

Another profitable direction in which you can quickly start is simple types of attractions. There are a lot of options, we will give ideas with different budgets. 

Rental of radio controlled toys. Investments: 10 thousand rubles. The business scheme is elementary:

  • buy radio-controlled toys (cars, helicopters, robots, flying fish with helium – all this can be found on Aliexpress). 
  • Rent 2 sq.m. area – preferably in a children’s play area located in the shopping center.

And start earning. In a month, such a business can bring up to 50 thousand rubles. 

Air hockey. Investments: 200 thousand rubles. A popular attraction that is still relevant. Both adults and children enjoy playing air hockey. The business scheme is simple: just install an air hockey table in a crowded place – and you can earn! The average profit of such an attraction is about 45 thousand rubles. 

19. Repair work

Repair work today is a highly paid and sought-after type of service. Therefore, if you have knowledge in the construction industry and have the appropriate skills, you can make money on it. Investments will be required minimal – to purchase equipment and tools for work. It takes very little time to set up a business. To search for clients, place an ad on sites like “Avito”, post ads next to entrances or in elevators. Another advertising option is to distribute leaflets or business cards near a construction hypermarket. Over time, you can put together a construction team and take on more serious and large-scale orders. More ideas in the field of construction and repair can be found here . 

20. Drone rental

The business is to rent quadcopters for filming. Now this service is in great demand among photographers and videographers, advertising agencies, builders and engineers. Shooting from a great height is needed not only for fun, but also for work.  

To start a business, it is enough to purchase equipment and distribute advertisements. The initial cost of the drone is 15 thousand rubles. But it is better not to buy the cheapest option. You can learn about this and other options for making money on quadrocopters from this article._________________________________

For those who cannot decide on the idea of ​​their business, we recommend transformational psychological games from the company “1000 Ideas”: 

  • “I want this, I don’t know what” – in this transformational psychological game, there is a search for a direction of activity and the elimination of a person’s uncertainty in determining his future, as well as setting life priorities, and  
  • “Startup”   in this game, in the format of a desktop brainstorming, the technique of entrepreneurial thinking and creating a business idea from scratch, as well as bringing it to the market, is being worked out 

Many game participants not only find answers to their requests, but, having tried the effect on themselves, they decide to help other people, while earning good money. Many people like that you can play with clients online as well. 


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