Own business: coordination of redevelopment


Many apartment owners strive to make their own changes to them, which are far from always limited to cosmetic repairs. Meanwhile, the transfer of walls and partitions, the redevelopment of windows and doors – all this requires coordination with the relevant authorities (at least five), the issuance of permits and project documentation. According to the Housing Code of the Russian Federation No. 188-F dated December 29, 2004, the reconstruction or re-equipment of any residential premises means the installation, replacement or transfer of engineering networks, sanitary, electrical or other equipment. A redevelopment is a change in the configuration of premises

In both cases, it will be necessary to make changes to the technical passport of the premises. All this takes a lot of time and even more nerves. Therefore, most people who are just planning or have already redevelop their apartment prefer to seek help from a company that acts as an intermediary in resolving all these issues.

This business is relatively new, but it does not lack customers. Apartment remodeling is in such high demand as it is a profitable investment. Of course, it is not cheap, but with its help you can significantly increase the area of ​​\u200b\u200bliving premises, make the apartment more comfortable and … more expensive by at least 2-3%.

Each region has its own procedure for approving changes to residential and non-residential premises. In Moscow, for example, the issuance of permits for redevelopment is carried out by the district or municipal interdepartmental commission, which will need to provide a project previously agreed with the Bureau of Technical Inventory (BTI), with Rospotrebnadzor, with the Office for Civil Defense, Emergency Situations and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters, Architectural and planning department, Moszhilinspektsiya. However, the list of documents that may be required from you is not limited to this. You may also need additional approvals from various departments, architects, obtaining the consent of neighbors.

In some other regions, if redevelopment or reorganization has not yet been made, then the owner of the apartment must apply for permission from the district administration. Or with a statement of claim to the court, if the redevelopment has already been carried out without agreement. According to the Housing Code of the Russian Federation Art. 29, paragraph 4 of December 29, 2004, on the basis of a court decision, the residential premises may be kept in a rebuilt and (or) replanned state, if this does not violate the rights and legitimate interests of citizens, or if this does not pose a threat to their life and health.

To do this, it is necessary to obtain a BTI registration certificate for the condition of the premises before and after the redevelopment; obtain the conclusion of an independent construction and technical expertise on the condition of the supporting structures and on the compliance of the premises with fire and sanitary standards and regulations; receive a refusal in the district architecture and file a claim with the district court at the location of the apartment. If the house where the premises are located has the status of a historical monument of architecture, then, in addition to the application, it will also be necessary to submit the consent of the authority for the protection of architectural, historical and cultural monuments. If the court makes a positive decision, the justice authorities draw up documents for the apartment.

If you deal with the coordination of redevelopment on your own, then it will take several months to go through the authorities. Specialists who provide intermediary services will help you get all the necessary papers within 1.5-2 months, including permits for redevelopment in all instances (and there may be about ten of them) and consent from neighbors. The client receives a new floor plan approved by the BTI, constructive building solutions and technical calculations.

As a rule, there are such specialists in some repair and construction companies, architectural bureaus, and legal holdings. There are also independent firms specializing in assisting in the coordination and legalization of redevelopment. The advantages of the latter are that they themselves order the project from the designer and accept it themselves. In this case, all approvals pass, as a rule, the first time.

The services of highly specialized companies that deal with the coordination of redevelopment are addressed by the owners of apartments, real estate agencies and even design bureaus. Therefore, in addition to processing all documents, such firms also provide consulting services and open separate consulting centers. Their employees work with clients directly, by phone, and conduct field seminars. Some experts are confident that consulting on the coordination of redevelopment may soon become a separate type of business.

For those apartment owners who are ready to deal with the coordination on their own, but do not know how to do it, the companies offer a special service – the so-called “negotiation package”. It includes a set of necessary documents for a specific redevelopment. The client receives a work schedule with deadlines for approval in each individual instance, the names of departments with contact details and the names of responsible persons, sketches of redevelopment and copies of completed applications. The customer can only stand in line, hand over all the documents and get permission. The cost of this package is about 3-5% (3.5-7 thousand rubles) of the cost of coordinating redevelopment.

The cost of coordination with the participation of an intermediary company consists of payment for the services of specialists, preparation of documentation in the design organization and official fees. For example, the total cost of redevelopment approval is 100 thousand rubles: 40 thousand – project documentation, 5-10 thousand – official payments, and the rest – payment for the company’s services.

To open your own company for the coordination of redevelopment, you will need a convenient and comfortable office. It must be respectable enough and meet all the necessary requirements. Its area may be small (about 20-30 sq. m.), but it is desirable that it be located in the city center. The cost of rent will be twice as high as on the outskirts or in a residential area, but these costs will pay for themselves more than once. If the premises you rent are not in the best condition, immediately take into account the amount that you will spend on its repair (from 3 thousand rubles per square meter). You will also need furniture and office equipment (computers, copier, printer, scanner, etc.).

Another expense item is monthly advertising. You should not expect a big return from it right away. Most likely, the result will appear in two or three months. Nevertheless, it is impossible to do without advertising completely at the first time of work. The advertising budget for the first 2-3 months of work will be at least 50 thousand rubles, not counting the production of signs and business cards.

However, the biggest costs are the salaries of specialists who work in your company. The time of lone intermediaries working illegally without registration has already passed. The volume of orders in the first months of work will be completely handled by two people who will work on the road. In addition, you will need a legal consultant, an accountant and an administrator who will answer calls and schedule meetings.

So, to open your own company for the coordination of redevelopment, you will need at least 400 thousand rubles (for large cities this amount will be more). The payback period depends on the number of orders that you can find in the first months of work. However, in any case, it will be at least 9-12 months, since it will take, on average, 4-6 months to agree on one or another redevelopment or reorganization.


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