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Fitness at home… Have you tried this dish? It is likely that you have tried – after all, you, like all people on our planet, experienced a lockdown in 2020 due to the covid pandemic. There is only one interesting nuance – now the fitness industry is thinking: are these fitness centers really needed? When they are dressing next to you, then shaking their shorts, then running along the path, sweating – uncles and aunts that are strangers to you ..

You will object: well, what about individual training with a trainer? Well, first of all, not everyone could afford it anyway. And secondly, if children can learn algebra by zoom at school, then can’t you really practice? Tea is not algebra, those squats of yours…

Now let’s talk about one important fact. All people who go to fitness clubs are divided into two categories:

  1. The first category of people go there without much joy, they simply have nowhere else to get this service. For example, you don’t particularly like going to the market, to the market, but if you need tomatoes, why not go to the Bolshoi Theater to buy them?
  2. The second category of people goes to a fitness club just like a club. Like gentlemen in England. Is there nowhere else to read newspapers? But no – the club is somehow more interesting. 

Based on this, two market strategies were formed after the covid lockdown. The first category of people shouted in unison “Hurrah!” (no need to go to school now) and doing fitness at home. Having bought various stray, simulators, video online programs. The second category of people felt miserable and robbed. And what about trainers? Their habitual and dear way of life was taken away from them.

When you sell goods and services, remember that these are two categories of people. You can please the first – easy. They don’t like the fitness club. They love the exercise itself. The second person needs to be thought about. How to make sure that the atmosphere of the “club”, of belonging, of familiar, pleasing things, continues to remain with them at home?

Let’s look at some examples. Basically they serve the first category of people. Your task is to come up with what you can do for the second one, just by adding something…

Compact folding exercise bikes

The Breakaway exercise bike, when folded, looks like a suitcase that you can easily carry with you when moving from place to place. When describing characteristics, this is usually called something like this: “our product folds to carry-on size.”

And it’s also good that it folds and unfolds elementarily – well, for example, like an umbrella.

New generation digital punching bag

A startup called Liteboxer has perfected a regular punching bag beyond recognition. Before you is not a pear, but a whole computer game – it’s called Lights Out. No joysticks, mice or keyboards. You will play – flailing your gloved hands on a soft panel. The panel will make rhythmic sounds and light up with multi-colored lights – just like a swordsman’s equipment.

But the digital punching bag is simpler

Beat Armor – this is the name of this simulator for home boxing training. It is attached to any wall and outwardly looks like a black body armor of a security guard or collector.

The Beat Armor works with a mobile app that counts the calories you’ve lost while you jump and swing your fists. To be honest, the simulator is so simple that it has nothing to do with boxing as a sport. Jump and wave your arms. However, Beat Armor does not mislead anyone about its ultra-professionalism – and so it directly states – we are more likely to lose weight. 

After all, boxing-light, in the format of fitness programs, can be practiced for this too. Only this is not really boxing, but, as it is now fashionable to say “a la boxing”. But “a la boxing” can and should be practiced at home – like all other programs of fitness clubs.

Modular Home Workout System

This design startup and their product is called G-Wall. They appeared just in time for the pandemic and immediately began to work and design. G-Wall is a smart wall-gym built into the design of the apartment – with everything you need for fitness.

G-Wall immediately received an award for their brainchild at the design competition – K-Design Award 2020. Of course, this design refinement cannot be found in our apartments, although the authors believe that their invention is very ergonomic and convenient and can be considered part of your usual closet. Well. Who is used to what cabinets.

Nevertheless, we can consider this example as a futurological sketch, a design concept for the house of the future, a future where there are no fitness clubs. And all of them have long become part of your home, your home – no matter how much money it costs and no matter how much footage it has.

Compact board for Pilates

A board called Board30 allows you to engage in different types of loads, including cardio loads.

They call it a Pilates board, but, in truth, the board30 board is multifunctional and can do a lot more than Pilates.

The Board30 comes with a mobile app that will help you learn how to use this machine and start your personal training program with all the achievements.

Of course, the board is intended not only for women, although men may not appreciate the naive simplicity of this little homemade stray for a “gym-minute”. And in vain.

Artificial intelligence yoga mat

This yoga mat is called Otari. It is not only a yoga mat, but also just a fitness mat. “Yoga mats” are called all such mats rather out of habit, without much thought – such is the tradition that has developed recently. So don’t ask yourself: “Why should I buy a yoga mat if I’m not going to do this very yoga?!” Do not be ridiculous – these mats are not bought for yoga, but simply to lie on the floor to be warm and comfortable, not hard.

Buying a yoga mat, you will not become a yogi, do not worry or – do not be hopeful. But what will happen to you if you buy yourself a smart, intelligent Otari mat? Will you become smarter? Also, don’t get your hopes up! However, more trained – you may well become! Especially if you use and not be lazy – everything that the smart software of this product offers.

Climbing simulator for home

CLIMBR Connected is not just a trainer, it is also a display and speakers that come with it. Also, a smartphone app. Don’t ask why the climbing machine is so low. To imagine all the heights that you only dream of, use the display. There will be an image of the sky on it, in which eagles are circling above your head. And their scream will be heard from the speakers. That’s better?

In general, the climbing simulator CLIMBR Connected helps people to make their posture correct, beautiful and healthy. And this is perhaps its most important advantage.

Universal trainer

OYO NOVA Gym is a transforming hybrid machine that claims to be nothing less than a “gym”!

Such pretentiousness is always characteristic of funny salesmen who sell funny things to funny people. For example, the entire collected works of some writer under one cover, in a volume that can break bricks. Inclusiveness is generally part of some kind of mental disorder, or simply cognitive poverty, nothing else. For even Kozma Prutkov warned: “You can not embrace the immensity.” However, you be the judge – maybe the OYO NOVA Gym simulator is quite capable of coping with a modest number of ordinary physical education tasks. And we will forgive him all the rest of the boasting – if at least something can be done with him.

An exercise machine that will fit into your living room interior

This simulator is called Kondition. Its creators admit that they are inspired by Ikea furniture and its philosophy. The chief designer of this product, Oliver Perretta, fell in love with an IKEA home exercise machine called BEKANT and decided to create his own, based on it. It remains for you to decide whether the designer managed to become a student and follower of the great Ikea and whether there is any sense in this.


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